Three restaurants, which are among the most iconic in New Glarus, have been in new hands since January 1, 2015. Longtime owner Hans Lenzlinger stepped aside after nearly 40 years in the restaurant business, entrusting the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant, Chalet Landhaus Restaurant, and the Ticino Pizzeria to two of his primary chefs, Mike Nevil and Roland Fürst.


Roland has worked as a chef at the New Glarus Hotel for over 12 years. Roland completed three years of rigorous chef training in Zug, Switzerland, which also included an apprenticeship at the Restaurant Hotel Guggital. He was also trained as a professional waiter at Restaurant Brauerei (Canton Glarus, Switzerland). Following his efforts there, he moved on to Bauernhoff (Zug, Switzerland), a very fast-paced fine dining establishment. He was then a chef in the Swiss Army for a brief time, moving to New Glarus shortly thereafter to pursue an exciting career opportunity at the New Glarus Hotel and graduated from Blackhawk Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. Roland is fluent in Swiss-German and English and still has strong connections to his country of origin. Roland is married to Megan Fürst. They live in New Glarus with their white Swiss-German Shepherd puppy (Arcadia).

Mike Nevil

Mike has worked at the New Glarus Hotel and Chalet Landhaus Restaurant for over 30 years. He has over 35 year of restaurant experience. He has managed the Chalet Landhaus Inn and Restaurant for over 20 years, and has strong expertise in guest satisfaction, coordinating events, and leading and managing restaurant teams. He has experience and training from the Restaurant Gade (Switzerland), and MGM Grand Hotel (Las Vegas). Mike graduated from Madison Area Technical College with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. He is a New Glarus native with Swiss heritage who is passionate about the local community, and is an active member of the New Glarus Fire Department. Mike has been married for over 25 years to Shawna Nevil. They have three wonderful children: Markus, Mason, and Zoe.

Bouquetin adulte couché


We chose the iconic Steinbock (also known as the Alpine Ibex) as the hero of our logo. This animal used to be a native of Switzerland. They were hunted nearly to extinction in the early 19th century. Around 1900, a few were transplanted into Switzerland from outlying areas in an attempt to reinstate the population. There are now around 15,000 Steinbocks in Switzerland. While populations are increasing, the creatures still need some amount of protection to prevent future decline.

We saw a poetic parallel between the Steinbock and the Swiss heritage in New Glarus. While pride in our Swiss influence and history is strong in our small town and surrounding areas, we know how fast things of value can be taken for granted and fade or disappear. As members of the Swiss-American community, we feel it’s part of our responsibility to protect and respect our roots, and to proudly celebrate what makes our village unique.

OUR History

If you're anything like us, you like your restaurants with a little side of history. The New Glarus Hotel can help fulfill this hunger—it has a rich story that starts all the way back in 1853.

There is sometimes confusion about why the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant is called a hotel when it primarily serves guests as a restaurant. The reason is simple: history. The building began its life as a hotel, housing salesmen, travelers, and those awaiting the services of nearby livery stables or harness makers.

The hotel’s main dining room was once an old opera house. Traveling stock shows and vaudeville revues were billed often at the old theater. It later featured silent movies, complete with pianists. The first motion picture in the village was shown in the hall in 1922. Talking movies were introduced in 1930. But the stage stood mostly dark and silent from 1950 until 1965. It was then converted into a Swiss-style Yodel Club, complete with restaurant. While yodeling is now mostly reserved for performances, the authentic Swiss-style dining experience still endures. The hotel has known only three generations of owners since it first became a restaurant: Robbie Schneider, Hans Lenzlinger, and now partners Roland Fürst & Mike Nevil.

We honor and respect our history and heritage and the role it plays in making our restaurant unique. The New Glarus Hotel spans and connects generations...It is a place where new friends meet, relationships flourish, children grow up, and old friends reflect. It's a welcoming place to dine, have a drink, and share a dance.

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