What is Swiss Food?

What is Swiss food? That's a tricky one. Switzerland is an eclectic mix of different cultures. It's influenced by the French, the Italians, and the Germans, among other European nations. Of course it is subjective (and we are biased), but we like to think that Swiss food combines the best-of-the-best cuisine from all of its neighbors. From the French, we get the sinfully-good roux-based sauces, wine, rich and decadent desserts, and a culinary flair for invention. From the Italians, we fell in love with their tomato-based sauces, pizzas, pasta, and the simple, nourishing nature of food as life. From the Germans, the Swiss derived sausage-making, perfection in marinating, and the art of selecting a beer to complement any hearty dish.

Yet, don't mistake the many influences of Switzerland with an absence of identity. Just like the United States, our multicultural input is what makes us unique as a whole. And, of course, we have the undeniably Swiss dishes like Fondue, Rösti, and Raclette, made with honest ingredients that generate a welcoming community atmosphere, warm the soul with molten cheese, the familiar comfort of pure potatoes, and perfectly-crusty flavorful bread. Swiss food is diverse...and delicious.


Rösti vs. Hash Browns

We enjoy potatoes in a lot of different ways, but we're purists about the terminology it comes to the famous Swiss-style Rösti. So how do you know if your Rösti is authentic or just, in fact, masquerading hash browns? For true Rösti, look for coarsely-grated never-frozen potatoes shaped in to thick rounds, with a silky-soft texture inside. Basic Rösti is pure potato, but we like to add cheese and other ingredients to make it extra special. Try out the Rösti variations on our lunch menu, and get ready for a real treat.

Pure, simple Rösti potatoes.

Pure, simple Rösti potatoes.

A New Adventure

On January 1, 2015, we, Mike Nevil, Roland Fürst, Shawna Nevil, and Megan Fürst will be opening a new chapter in the long history of the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant, Chalet Landhaus Restaurant, and Ticino Pizzeria. We are truly appreciative and humbled that Hans Lenzlinger is entrusting us with a large piece of his life's work. The dedication and drive that went into growing the trio of restaurants is truly extraordinary, and we feel energized and inspired to continue building on the solid foundation. The restaurants are truly a fixture of New Glarus, and we will do our very best not to disappoint its legacy or its patrons. 

We cannot fully express our excitement. It is the beginning of a new phase in our lives and careers. One that we know will be filled with hard work, great times, and the intangible rewards that come along with serving great food and providing heartfelt service to guests.