NEW IN TOWN! Edelweiss Cheese Shop

New Glarus has a new addition in the richness of downtown shops & restaurants: 
We are proud to have the Edelweiss Cheese Shop as a close neighbor. With its new home in the lower level of the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant, adjoining the Ticino Pizzeria, the store offers locally-handcrafted artisan cheeses, along with local beer, wine, sausage, and more! We are very excited because we admire and find common ideals that align with the store's vision—we share a passion of showcasing local distinctiveness. 

This isn't any ordinary cheese shop: it has a stunning record of excellence. If you're lucky enough to live in or near New Glarus, you'll be spoiled by the fine quality of cheeses. And if you're visiting from afar, it's a real can't-miss array of goodness.

Bruce and Kathy Workman opened Edelweiss Creamery in April 2004, refurbishing a small factory which was founded in 1938. Bruce's signature cheese is Emmentaler Swiss Cheese, which is traditionally made in a copper vat (the way it used to be made). The finished wheels of cheese weigh an average of 180 pounds! Edelweiss Creamery now makes 23 varieties of artisan cheese.

Bruce Workman is the Master Cheesemaker of the Edelweiss Creamery. He holds 11 Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker certificates and has been making cheese for over 43 years. The initial career spark occurred early, with a job beginning before high school. During Bruce's career as a Cheesemaker, he has won awards both nationally and internationally. Recently, Bruce and his staff of Cheesemakers participated in the 2015 United States Competition. The group won a gold medal in Havarti and Dill Havarti, a silver medal in Dill Havarti and Aged Gouda, and a bronze medal in Havarti. In 2014, Bruce was recognized in Cook's Illustrated Magazine for the Best Swiss Cheese in the world.

Bruce believes that cheesemaking is an art. He once had aspirations of being a chef and discovered a niche with a similar outlet for his skills and passions...with the precision skills and attention needed to achieve the right amount of cultures & bacteria, plenty of hard work, extensive hours, and a love for creating artisan cheese; this was just the right recipe for creating masterful taste and texture in each unique vat.

Each cheese has a specific taste, smell and texture which can appease the pallet, create a vibrant awakening of the taste buds and soothe the soul with a creamy buttery tone. Our goal is to furnish cheese made in Wisconsin that equals the taste, texture, aroma and visual appeal of imported cheese.   Edelweiss Cheese Authentic Wisconsin: Wisconsin Artisan Cheeses: []: para. 5: [May 29, 2015]